Health Risk Consultancy

Health Risk Consultancy


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Health Risk Consultancy

Health Risk ConsultancyHealth risks are best assessed in the real world. Our risk analysis draws from our body of knowledge on tropical disease, travel health risks, vaccine preventable disease and malaria, superimposed on a project-specific in-country review.

The ability to critically assess healthcare infrastructure in Africa, is one of iNHEMACO S.A.’s key competencies, distinguishing actual ability from theoretical competence and display.

Knowledge of the healthcare infrastructure and its capabilities (or lack thereof) is key in understanding the health risks associated with any given project. Decisions (often made in haste during medical incidents) should be based on verified, pertinent and current information. The deliverables of the infrastructure audit that compliments the health risk assessment facilitate expedient medical decision-making.

Feedback reports encapsulate country-, region- and project-specific risks and serves as guideline for the effective and appropriate management of medical incidents on each client site. Policies are drafted based on medical requirements, on-site and in-country medical resources and concomitant constraints.

Our solutions save lives.

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