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Travel Health Risk Management begins at home, well before travel commences. With appropriate medical screening prior to deployment and where practical prior to employment, an organisation can mitigate the risk of deploying personnel with underlying chronic conditions to areas with an increased health risk and limited medical infrastructure.

iNHEMACO, in association with travel- and occupational health practitioners across the globe, plays a pivotal role in reducing the medico-legal and financial risk to multinationals. Our records include hundreds of prospective expatriate candidates from more than 45 countries across the globe.

Whereas medical stabilisation and evacuation may in many cases be possible, the loss of productivity, cost of deployment, and delay in replacing key personnel is often overlooked when considering the cost of insufficient travel health risk mitigation.

In the present day employee-wellness focused working environment, multinationals have a duty of care towards host country employees whether on or off-duty.

It is noteworthy that most travel insurance products exclude pre-existing medical conditions:

Pre-deployment medical screening identifies these conditions, allowing both employees and employers to make informed insurance decisions. Home country pre-deployment medical screening will set your expats off on the right foot. Pre-Deployment Medical Selection

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