Remote Site Healthcare

Remote Site Healthcare


Remote Site Healthcare
 Standard and Customised Medical Kits
 Turn-Key Medical Equipment Solutions
Pre-Deployment Medical Selection
Cross Border Medical Support
Health Risk Consultancy

Remote-Site-HealthcareWe carefully screen and consider appropriately qualified and certified medical personnel with specific skills and experience. Selected candidates are trained in the iNHEMACO remote site standard prior to assignment and continually evaluated and re-trained throughout their tenure.

We work with our clients and procurement partners to establish clinic infrastructure aligned with project healthcare needs and on-site medical skills.

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics; Registered Nurses with Trauma and/or ICU experience; and Medical Doctors, deliver professional and proactive medical care to meet the healthcare challenges synonymous with remote locations.

The iNHEMACO Remote Site Guideline (RSG) is tailored to project-specific requirements and consists of a range of international standard protocols, to which medical personnel adhere.

Clinics are equipped and stocked according to project requirements, with the replenishment of drugs and disposables being an integral part of the turnkey solution.

Occupational Health Services are provided when the scope of the project so requires, while our medical teams actively participate in project Health, Safety and Environmental Management activities.

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