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iNHEMACO S.A. consistently count blue chip organisations among our varied clientele whom we serve with professionalism and integrity. Human capital is the most precious and costly commodity in contemporary business, more so in the developing world.

On the continent with the biggest health challenges and least developed health care infrastructure, our proactive efforts ensure our clients of a healthy expatriate- and national workforce.

For more than twenty years our pragmatic, patient-centric approach has delivered cost-effective health care, without compromise to patient care. These core values are the cornerstones on which the iNHEMACO business structure was built.

Our grasp of healthcare in Africa uniquely positions iNHEMACO to meet the needs of our clients’ investors, markets, employees and business partners.

Key Services

iNHEMACO provides Comprehensive Cross-Border Health Risk Management to multi-national organisations operating in medically challenging environments. We do so with a consistent yet scalable model, delivered by a core group of dedicated individuals complimented by a global network of travel and occupational healthcare professionals.

Our Cross-Border Health Risk Solutions align with this mission.

Remote Site Healthcare

We carefully screen and consider appropriately qualified and certified medical personnel with specific skills and experience. Selected candidates are trained in the iNHEMACO remote site standard prior to assignment and continually evaluated and re-trained throughout their tenure.

We work with our clients and procurement partners to establish clinic infrastructure aligned with project healthcare needs and on-site medical skills.

Our Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics; Registered Nurses with Trauma and/or ICU experience; and Medical Doctors, deliver professional and proactive medical care to meet the healthcare challenges synonymous with remote locations.

The iNHEMACO Remote Site Guideline (RSG) is tailored to project-specific requirements and consists of a range of international standard protocols, to which medical personnel adhere.

Clinics are equipped and stocked according to project requirements, with the replenishment of drugs and disposables being an integral part of the turnkey solution.

Occupational Health Services are provided when the scope of the project so requires, while our medical teams actively participate in project Health, Safety and Environmental Management activities.

Pre-Deployment Medical Selection

Travel Health Risk Management begins at home, well before travel commences. With appropriate medical screening prior to deployment and where practical prior to employment, an organisation can mitigate the risk of deploying personnel with underlying chronic conditions to areas with an increased health risk and limited medical infrastructure.

iNHEMACO, in association with travel- and occupational health practitioners across the globe, plays a pivotal role in reducing the medico-legal and financial risk to multinationals. Our records include hundreds of prospective expatriate candidates from more than 45 countries across the globe.

Whereas medical stabilisation and evacuation may in many cases be possible, the loss of productivity, cost of deployment, and delay in replacing key personnel is often overlooked when considering the cost of insufficient travel health risk mitigation.

In the present day employee-wellness focused working environment, multinationals have a duty of care towards host country employees whether on or off-duty.

It is noteworthy that most travel insurance products exclude pre-existing medical conditions:

Pre-deployment medical screening identifies these conditions, allowing both employees and employers to make informed insurance decisions. Home country pre-deployment medical screening will set your expats off on the right foot.

Health Risk Consultancy

Health risks are best assessed in the real world. Our risk analysis draws from our body of knowledge on tropical disease, travel health risks, vaccine preventable disease and malaria, superimposed on a project-specific in-country review.

The ability to critically assess healthcare infrastructure in Africa, is one of iNHEMACO S.A.’s key competencies, distinguishing actual ability from theoretical competence and display.

Knowledge of the healthcare infrastructure and its capabilities (or lack thereof) is key in understanding the health risks associated with any given project. Decisions (often made in haste during medical incidents) should be based on verified, pertinent and current information. The deliverables of the infrastructure audit that compliments the health risk assessment facilitate expedient medical decision-making.

Feedback reports encapsulate country-, region- and project-specific risks and serves as guideline for the effective and appropriate management of medical incidents on each client site. Policies are drafted based on medical requirements, on-site and in-country medical resources and concomitant constraints.

Our solutions save lives.

Past and Present Projects

Over a period of more than 15 years we provided medical care to mining and construction projects in every country in Sub-Saharan Africa excluding six only because our clients have had no reason to go there.

Disease Profiles

Useful information on data collections related to global health and well-being.



So much more than a desktop exercise, our consultancy products provide clients with practical, realistic, real-world advise and guidance on healthcare in strained or under developed medical environments.

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